Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The first 10 days....

Well, the display has been up for about 10 days now...

And as I sit just outside of the area, I watched someone pause to look at it. And it's kinda fun to watch them, but also a bit frustrating as I don't know what they are thinking...

However, this morning, the associate director stopped me to tell me that the Library Board (who met last night) were RAVING about it. Which I admit surprised me abit that they would go down to see it.

After lunch I ran into the PR person who also told me that the board had gone nuts over it. She said they had gone down to look at the newly shined floors in the gallery (where the display is) when they saw all the work in there.

I think I've been beet red twice....maybe 3 times today from it.

Today, they put up the sign that goes with the display...and our graphics guy came to me to ask if I had any yarn on hand to put in with the sign...well, yeah.... I also had an extra hook.

It's been crazy to hear what people are saying and thinking about the display. I'm more than a little overwhelmed by all the compliments.

One of our programming people today told me I need to accept that I am awesome.  Somedays...that's easier than others.  Especially since most days, I'm just me, surrounded by the awesomeness of others and a little bit gets spilled on me.


  1. Dear Princess, I would love the location of your display so I can tell everyone on the planet to go see it!

    1. Information has been sent to ya! Do what you will with it!!!!

  2. I have a couple friends that live in the same town so can I have the details as well please

    1. Really? Dude, it IS a small world...

      Anyway, the display is up at the Peoria Public Library, Main Library (Downtown). It's in the gallery which is on Lower Level 1. The Main Library is open from 9-6 Mon-Sat, closed on Sundays. The display will be up until the end of July.

      *is curious who you know in my little town*

  3. It's all so professional and beautiful! The sign is so perfect. An excellent display of your awesomeness. Yes, you haz it. :)

    1. Oh, Aalia, I'm not sure I haz the awesome...but I know when I'm surrounded by it. :D


  4. Amber, you ARE awesome!!! I'm hopping over from Sewhooked where Jennifer introduced your library display, and all I can say is, "Wow". Just wow! I can see it was a labor of love and the results are just great. I wish I could see them in person, but your Flickr pictures are almost as good as being there. Those little sushis. Gee. And the cheese platter. Wow. I am inspired to do some crocheting today!

    I've just started paper piecing and I love to crochet so your blog is right up my alley. Think about adding an e-mail subscription widget so I can sign up and get your posts right in my inbox. That way I'm sure never to miss a one!

    So nice to meet you!
    ~Janine in Japan

    1. Janine --

      Thanks for the look around! And just so's you know, I'm totally blushing right now. :D

      I will see about the email subscription thing...I'm still kinda new to blogspot, so I'm still learning my way around. :D

      Thanks again. And lovely to meet you too!

  5. Wonderful work! So happy to have seen it. Do you have more photos of all the display cabinets? Are the patterns all your own, or do you work from other designers' patterns, too? Thanks for mentioning @crochettoday -- that's how I knew to come look! (I'm Rose White, the community manager and one of the editors for the magazine.)

    1. Rose --

      I have several more pics uploaded to my flickr account that I haven't pulled over here just yet, but I'd be happy to link them to you. :D There are 6 display cases hosting a collection of over 650 amigurumi food pieces I made over a three month span. They are on display for our Summer Reading Program at the Peoria Public Library. Our theme this year is "Reading Is So Delicious." I could not resist.

      Some patterns are my own, some are from books, some from the internet. And in some cases, I've modified patterns to suit my needs.

      I'm always happy to remind people that crocheting makes pretty cool things!

      Thanks for the comment and the look around!

  6. Replies
    1. OMGosh! I know who you wrote that book! The first amigurumi food book I ever bought!

      I adore your work!!! And you can see some of it in the display!!!

      Thank you!!!