Monday, May 28, 2012

Vacation Creations...

I love vacations! I love the time away from work and parts of Real Life. I love it even more when I get to see someone I haven't seen in a while. As was the case with my most recent trip. I went off to see my beloved bestie who I hadn't seen in person for 4 years.

However, even visiting friends has I did what I do best. I crocheted.

I had this project idea, and it was one of those projects that was simple enough to carry about. I mean, I didn't need to have 30 colors, a dozen sheets of paper, or even stuffing.

So what did I make? I made not one, but TWO cotton shopping bags! The second was based off a pattern I found on the Sugar and Cream website....well, actually, it was on a yarn band, but I hadn't brought that with me, so I checked their site.

And yes, I said second one...because the first one was one that I started out and designed on my own...through minimal trial and error...And when I had enough yarn after I was done, I started on the second one, using a pattern that I thought I had enough yarn for....and I did and more...

The glory of the cone of yarn!!!

Anyway, so this is what I finished...

The first bag went to my aunt, who I had started one for a while back, but ran out of yarn. Both of these were made using a 1 lb cone of cotton yarn...probably by Sugar and Cream.

Aren't they cute?

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Something not amigurumi...

Working on a new piece. It's gonna be so cool. And in demand!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I found out yesterday that instead of a smaller (but still good sized) case in the Lower Level 2 of the library, my amigurumi display is going in the Gallery! Color me tickled and terrified!!!

And since I work in the Local History section which has glass walls to look out on the gallery, I will be seeing my work all the time! It also gives me a lot of time to ponder....until Jun 11 just how and where everything will be displayed to its best advantage.

I also (after my vacation this weekend) will need to make sure I have all the ...extra stuff that goes with the the felt rectangles for placemats, some kind of silverware, and maybe a few other things....

In the mean time....

Celebrate with PBnJ....

Saturday, May 19, 2012

I'm DONE!!!

Well, I believe myself to be done....simply because I set just about everything out today, looked at it, took pics and pondered...

And well....there's plenty there.

649 pieces of plenty. I'm pleased with this.


This makes me happy.

Monday, May 7, 2012

just keep 'cheting, just keep 'cheting....

I've been keeping up on the crocheting, but at this point, it's all filler piece.... like I made 14 grapes over the weekend....but they are going into a small bowl because I don't want to make the cluster thing for it.

In good news, I am nearly done with the first part of a due "commission"...and I can get that off my list after tonight, I believe. The second part will have to wait a bit.

This week is going to be the week from CRAZYPANTS!!! Not to mention this weekend.

I hope to have another great deal of this stuff done by week's end despite the craziness.

Also, slight boo, but I did a quilt block this weekend...and I'm sad because it's supposed to be 12 1/2 in block...and mine came out 12 1/4 inches. *sad face*