Friday, June 29, 2012

Wow! Didn't expect that...

You know, when I started this little adventure, I thought it would be fun to have some of my work up in a display at my workplace.

I've had stuff on display before at conventions, friends' houses, and even at another local library, but never on this kind of scale.

But wow, the outpouring of love I've gotten from this is just mind-boggling. (And trust me, it's not hard to boggle my mind.)

Yesterday, WMBD (one of our local stations) had a segment on my display on their morning show.

WMBD News This Morning : Jun 28 2012

Then this morning, I got tagged on Facebook that a local author had written up a blog entry about me....

Judy Rosella Edwards: Tasty Textile Treats

Last week, my beloved friend, Jennifer of (a favorite website of mine) did a blog about me...

Sewhooked : Cooking with Crochet

And in the middle of all this, people have been spreading the love by sharing links on Facebook and directing them back to me and my pages.

I'm overwhelmed with ....feelings.

Next week, I'm going on our tv show for the library, to discuss the display there as well.

Add to that, Crochet Today magazine left a comment on my blog. And the author of one of the food amigurumi books I adore, Rose Langlitz of Tasty Crochet commented too.

Feelings....I have ....feelings.

Oh, and have some thing sweet....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Time for some more pics....

Yes, I think it's time for some more pics....

I'm sure you want to see more of them.

Have I posted this one? It's a collection of fruits and cheeses, with some crackers and wine.

Among these pieces, some of my favorites to make were the pomegranates, and for some reason the pears. :D

As for the cheese and crackers, I love how the look on the cutting board!

Tomorrow, our PR person is going to take some of the pieces to one of our news stations. She's also having me do the library show next week.

Tomorrow, too, I am taking my aunt and cousin out to see the display. I think my dad may even come by!

Is it bad that I always get the giggles when I look at the hot dog?

In other news, I hope to get some more pictures up soon, and maybe even a vid!

That is....if life slows down just a bit for me to enjoy it...

Friday, June 22, 2012

Cheating on crochet....

Yep, I'm cheating on my first crafting love....and I have been all day...

Mostly because I'm working on some paper piecing... What is paper piecing? Well, it's a type of sewing/quilting that reminds me a bit of color by number.

I spent much of Thursday night pulling fabric out and cutting/finding pieces for the blocks I wanted to work on. Then Friday, since I had the day off, I spent that time sewing those pieces into quilt blocks. I'm terribly disappointed that I'm so slow at it, but I did get 2 quilt blocks done...and a 3rd started.

I would continue, however, I'm picking up my cousin tomorrow and we are going to visit an aunt of ours.  Should be a good time.

In the mean time, I have a dilemma....

One of the awesome designers for Fandom In Stitches, a site that I LOVE, has been posting patterns for Sesame Street characters.  Well, I'm working my way through it, but I'm kinda waffling between doing an actual quilt or just making them into pillows. Thoughts? (PS: FiS is an awesome site run by a very good friend of mine.)

Well, drat, I'm getting sleepy and I have to get up early tomorrow to get on the road!

Hook on!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The first 10 days....

Well, the display has been up for about 10 days now...

And as I sit just outside of the area, I watched someone pause to look at it. And it's kinda fun to watch them, but also a bit frustrating as I don't know what they are thinking...

However, this morning, the associate director stopped me to tell me that the Library Board (who met last night) were RAVING about it. Which I admit surprised me abit that they would go down to see it.

After lunch I ran into the PR person who also told me that the board had gone nuts over it. She said they had gone down to look at the newly shined floors in the gallery (where the display is) when they saw all the work in there.

I think I've been beet red twice....maybe 3 times today from it.

Today, they put up the sign that goes with the display...and our graphics guy came to me to ask if I had any yarn on hand to put in with the sign...well, yeah.... I also had an extra hook.

It's been crazy to hear what people are saying and thinking about the display. I'm more than a little overwhelmed by all the compliments.

One of our programming people today told me I need to accept that I am awesome.  Somedays...that's easier than others.  Especially since most days, I'm just me, surrounded by the awesomeness of others and a little bit gets spilled on me.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Display is UP!!!

Today the rather massive collection of amigurumi pieces went up on display at my library.

It's a little overwhelming to see all those pieces out there...

It's more than a little surreal to know I made every single one of those pieces...most within the last 3 months!

Now I just have to hope people come see the display and like it! :)

For another teaser pic, here's one of the display cases:

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Monday, Monday, Monday!!!

So, Monday is tentatively the day that my display goes up. I have to admit, I'm getting a bit nervous about it now.

But in any case, even though I thought I was done, I'm still working on pieces. I mean, I know I thought I was done, but then I found a bunch of new cute patterns to add...and let's just say, I'm still cranking away in my down time.

I'm really excited about the pieces I finished last night because they complement something I had already finished...and now the other thing doesn't look so lonely.

Pictures will come by next week I hope!

Friday, June 1, 2012

for your amusement...

Yesterday, I had the afternoon off, so I had arranged to take my amigurumi collection to the a kind of pre-display look-see to make sure I had everything I needed for it.

And it was RAINING! So, if you know me, picture this... ME, hauling 3 large rubbermaid tubs out of the house, into the car, out of the car, into the building, on the elevator, off the elevator...all by myself.

I was quite proud of myself for that. Then, the programming, PR, and graphics departments joined me to look over the craziness that's been my life for the last 3 months.

And I don't know who's for doing all the things, or them for agreeing to let me display them.

The display should go up sometime around June 11. And I'm sure I will have pictures of them up shortly after.

In the meantime, enjoy something healthy....