Monday, May 28, 2012

Vacation Creations...

I love vacations! I love the time away from work and parts of Real Life. I love it even more when I get to see someone I haven't seen in a while. As was the case with my most recent trip. I went off to see my beloved bestie who I hadn't seen in person for 4 years.

However, even visiting friends has I did what I do best. I crocheted.

I had this project idea, and it was one of those projects that was simple enough to carry about. I mean, I didn't need to have 30 colors, a dozen sheets of paper, or even stuffing.

So what did I make? I made not one, but TWO cotton shopping bags! The second was based off a pattern I found on the Sugar and Cream website....well, actually, it was on a yarn band, but I hadn't brought that with me, so I checked their site.

And yes, I said second one...because the first one was one that I started out and designed on my own...through minimal trial and error...And when I had enough yarn after I was done, I started on the second one, using a pattern that I thought I had enough yarn for....and I did and more...

The glory of the cone of yarn!!!

Anyway, so this is what I finished...

The first bag went to my aunt, who I had started one for a while back, but ran out of yarn. Both of these were made using a 1 lb cone of cotton yarn...probably by Sugar and Cream.

Aren't they cute?

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