Friday, July 6, 2012

I have no words...

You know how it is, when someone does something so...incredible....that you are if not speechless, at least incapable of making yourself understood due to the SQUEAKING?

Oh yes, that happened to me today.

A very darling and dear friend of mine, Jennifer, did something SO sweet, like you WOULDN'T believe!!

She made a new pattern for her site, Fandom In Stitches, and dedicated it to ME!!!!

Why is this pattern so special?  Well, it's Cabbage Patch Kids!!!

And let me tell you, with all the fandom-y love I've had in this world, my first (and enduring) love, was for Cabbage Patch Kids...

I have well over 700 of them! I've been collecting them for nearly 30 years now and I always thrill to a new one!!!

And NOW, I have access to a pattern to make some of my own!!!

Oh dear....I think this was Jennifer's way of getting me to learn embroidery....

Tricksy, tricksy, I see what you did there....


  1. You are worth a thousand pattern dedications and I am glad that this one has made you so happy!