Monday, July 23, 2012

And this is what happens....

When I clean my craft room.

I started doing a ...quasi-deep clean a couple of weeks ago.

I pulled out all my fabric because I had mountains of it around my sewing area and it was affecting how I worked. I also needed to clean up my scraps because it wasn't helping to spend 45 min looking for the right piece of fabric in a jumble of colors...

Sorting, separating, and storing my fabric took me two weekends as I get a little OCD when cleaning. (It's probably why I avoid doing it most days. ;-P )

I had done about half of it, getting the major scraps and sorts done the first weekend...but lost steam during the week day...

Then, this last weekend, I got itching to get my yarn put away...which had piled up outside of the yarn closet....but I had to finish the fabric stuff first...get it out of the way.

So, once again I dug into the piles and FINALLY got all the fabric put away...only to turn around and unceremoniously dump out every yarn storage bag I had.

Several hours later, I had made some form of progress.

Last night, I was convinced that I was mostly done. All that's left is a rubbermaid tub of half skeins that my mom likes to roll up for me.

However, this morning as I opened my one clothes closet to get out something, I found....another box with some yarn in it.

As I've told the many people I've told this tale to today, I foresee MANY crocheted blankets for Linus in my very near future...

Welcome to Yarnia!

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