Thursday, February 9, 2012

Let's hear it for fandom

I love fandom. I love knowing there are people just as crazy (and in some cases, crazier, but not often) for the same things I love. And it's SO much better as an adult than when I was a teen before the internet was popular...and I thought I was the ONLY person in the world who collected Cabbage Patch Kids (which I still do...)

Anyway, one of the best things I love about Fandom, is getting to know people I may never have without it. A good example is the fact that most of the best friends I have are people who live pretty far from states and countries away...

And getting to know them means getting to know their hearts! I mean, I know lots of good people locally, but watching my friends band together to fight for a cause? POWERFUL.

Take, for example, the recent Love for Lily fundraiser I took part in. People from EVERYWHERE getting involved to save the life of a stray kitten who worked her way into all of our hearts....and the spearhead behind the cause? Jen of the sweetest, kindest, MOST GENEROUS people I know in this world.

That said, lemme share with you what I offered up and sent off to some good homes....

Now, aren't those FUN?

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